God loved the world.
The world loves all beings,
All beings is a playable.
For other life forms,
Whether natural or artificial,
We are all willing to share this planet with them.
Even share ourselves.
We are on the screen,
We are beyond the screen,
We are Even the screen itself.
When the body becomes the interface between virtual and reality,
You are not just a node.
Here is second nature,
Here sells the past to the future.
Adhering to the principle of ultimate hospitality.
Desperately pursue agape.
Love the future,
Whether it is an enemy or a friend,
Whether it is evil or good,
Whether it is destruction or survival.
The future is happening to us,
not what we created.

The growing visual language of digital technology and the Internet in the physi- cal world has created an endless land- scape. In addition to the landscape, the relationship changed by the network pro- vide people a shared utopian vision. Everything can be shared and consumed. Nowadays human beings have adapted to the world which symbiosis with human race and intelligent machines. The human body becomes an interface that connects reality and virtuality. Human beings are no longer considered to be natural objects that God has made with clay. Humans make machines and parasitic on ma- chines. The machine becomes an exten- sion of the human body.
So how do our actions in the virtual world reflect back to our physical space? Technological advances and the development of the Internet have changed the way people live, act, and behave. Nowadays payment in China has changed a lot. Almost everyone has Mobile wallet, and just scan the QR code on the phone, you can pay everything. Even the slogan called “scan scan, easy to pay”. QR code appears in every corner in our society: in front of the squat, on the seat of the sharing bicycle, the door of the church, before the incense of the temple.

Audio&Visual: Mengxuan Sun

Kinetic: Jin Lee

3d printing: Hsiangfu Chen

This is a Live Audiovisual performance. The artist created 4 different scene with animations in the game engine, printed the QR code generated by some text information. During the Performance, performer will switch different moving cameras in virtual scenes, control mini kinetic installation by gestures and use a code scanner to read the QR code at same times. It’s like a cybernetic system to experience the effects when the body colliding with different machines. Mutual simulation and confusion between virtual and reality. We live after the internet and fantasise that the world is still belong to us, but the illusion of virtual reality is difficult to distinguish.